Vol. 21, No. 3 - May/June 2021
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Software Alert
Version 13.0.5 of Design-Expert software released

Current Design-Expert v13 (DX13) users will do well by updating to 13.0.5 via Help from within your installed program. View the changelog for details on the changes—mainly maintenance items. If you want to receive notice when an update becomes available, go to Edit on the main menu of your program, select Preferences and, within the General tab (gear icon), turn on (if not already on by default) the “Check for updates” option. (This alert feature is not available in network versions.)

If you remain mired in an obsolete version or are not yet a user of Design-Expert, click here for the highlights on what’s new in DX13 plus more details on added features via this link. Then, assuming you like what you see, follow the FREE TRIAL link for a 14-day tryout, or buy it directly taking advantage of upgrade pricing if eligible.
Advisability of minimal-run small central-composite design for optimizing a process

Original question from a College of Pharmacy Professor:
“Thank you for your very informative DOE FAQ Alerts. I am a research scholar in pharmaceutical sciences using Design-Expert software for my design and analysis of experiments. I have tried different response surface designs offered by your program. To save time, I am now considering a 15-run small central-composite design (SCD) for a three-factor optimization experiment. What are your thoughts on ‘cutting corners’ via SCDs?”

As Design-Expert (DX) software warns upon selection of SCDs, these near minimal-run templates do not withstand outliers nearly as well as the far stouter conventional CCDs. In your case for three factors, the extra 5 runs for the full 20-run CCD will be a solid investment in reduced leverages and variance inflation factors (VIFs). See this for yourself by doing design evaluations with the outstanding tools provided by DX.

As I once heard George Box, the co-inventor of CCDs, say: “When in doubt, build it stout.” As you know being an experienced DOE practitioner, runs often go awry due to so many factor changes and response measurements. Therefore, we advise using SCDs only as a last resort.

By the way, for 6 or more factors, Design-Expert offers CCDs with minimum-run resolution V cores. This unique response-surface design option reduces the number of design points substantially without putting the experimenter in jeopardy of outliers. Nice!

- Mark
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